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ATTENTION ONLINE DATERS: If you know you're not getting the results you know you should be from online dating then you need to discover what only a few wildly successful men will ever know about meeting & picking up women online.

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The PWO Home Stucy Course -Digital Download

Before I Tell You What My PWO Course Is...
I Want To Tell You What IT’S NOT and How It’s Different From Anything Else You’ve Ever Seen About Online Dating!

This is NOT just another online dating book/course written by wussy, politically correct married for 20 years, so-called relationship experts that are out of touch with the REALITY of online dating TODAY! Or worse a woman!


This is NOT the same old pop-psychologist dating bullshit that does not work!


This is NOT some re-hashed ghostwritten ebook put out by some marketer looking to make a fast buck! I lived this and I wrote and recorded the entire course myself!


The is NOT a bunch of interviews of other men who also have products to sell each giving you only a piece of their formula so that you have to buy their products to get the full story!


This NOT something written by some young, good looking, twenty something guy that looks like an A&F Model!


This is NOT some Bullshit collection of Cut & Paste Lines that will leave you looking like a fool when you meet in person and burn up your chances with all of the women you contact!


This is NOT about and does not require lies & deception or conning women.


This is NOT require hypnosis, NLP or complex language patterns. And you don’t need to have a degree in psychology to understand it.

What The PWO Home Study Course IS...

It’s a Comprehensive, Proven, Effective System Based on the Science of Social Interaction & Attraction combined with real worked experience of what actually WORKS! And has been used successfully by myself and other men in today’s online dating world.

It works by creating attraction in women by communicating & sub-communicating to women on the primal level that is hard-coded into their DNA i.e. their natural Attraction to the Alpha Male Traits!

More than that it’s also a personal development tool for Transforming YOU into a Magnetically Attractive Man that naturally Attracts women both online and offline!

But just because it’s powerfully effective does not mean that it’s complex or hard to understand.

In fact it’s very easy to understand and simple to use because meeting women and getting laid is NOT supposed to be difficult!

Here Are Just Some of My Closely Guarded Secrets That
I’m Going to Be Sharing With You When You Try My
Pickup Women Online Course Right Now...

How To Re-Program Your Mind For
Super-Success With Attractive Women

Your going to start with the Inner Game Quick Start Audio Guide and discover...

  • The truth about how your inner game affects your life and ability to pickup women.
    You might not know it yet, but you are the only person that has been holding you back from getting the women you desire!
  • How to STOP Cock-Blocking yourself by literally re-program your mind with new programming that will enable you to reach your goals with women instead of working against yourself!
  • I’ll take you on a guided meditation that will relax you and assist you in reprogramming your mind.

    You’ll do all of the re-programming I’m just going to get you into a very receptive state of mind so you can effect change much more easily.

Discover What Women Secretly & Unconsciously
Lust After And Crave in a Man... And What Turns Them off!

You will be awakened to what women really want and are attracted to NOT the bullshit the media, feminist groups and advertisers try to brainwash you with so they can control you and manipulate you for their own agendas and profit!!!

Your eyes will finally be opened when you discover...

  • The 22 Devastatingly Attractive Alpha Male Traits that women are powerless to resist and how to convey them both online in your profile and in person when you meet her.

    (You’ll finally be able to Attract women Just Like The A$$holes do, even if you’re really a Nice Guy!)
  • A simple mistake most guys make that are NOT successful with attractive women that totally turns hot women off sexually!
  • The 14 Self-Sabotaging “Nice Guy” Traits that will COCK-BLOCK you every time! Don’t get caught doing any of these! (This alone is worth the price of the course!)
  • The Two Easy To Remember Axioms I now live by that CURED ME of being a “Nice Guy” forever!
  • Something I used to do that I discovered (the hard way) kills your intrigue in a woman’s mind! Make sure you NEVER do this!
  • How to show her that you’re the STRONG MAN that can take charge and lead her that she has been secretly craving!
  • We all know that women are attracted to Jerks, BUT There is a kind of Jerk you DON’T want to be or it will turn her off fast! Make sure you’re NOT like this!
  • The BIGGEST mistake and worst advice that is pounded into men’s heads by the media, other women, gold diggers, family and even so-called relationship experts and how to counter it!
  • Something “Nice Guys” do thinking they are being considerate but women see it as being a Spineless Wussy! And it shuts women down cold--sexually!
  • The Powerful Mindset you should ALWAYS have when dealing with women, that will put you in the High Status position and keep them coming back for more!

Discover The Powerful Dynamics & Hidden Pitfalls
Of Social Networking Sites!

You’re going to know the ins and outs of social networks like... 

  • The Hidden Seductive Powers in Social Networking Sites and Myspace & Facebook in particular that make it an order of magnitude more effective than ANY dating site! 
  • A painful lesson that Cold-Cocked me when I learned the Hard Way about social networking websites when you are in a relationship!
  • A Quick & Easy step when first starting out that will STOP spammers, scammers, fakes and psycho chicks cold in their tracks and keep them from becoming a virtual nightmare!
  • How your screen name can work For You or Against You and how you can use it to almost magnetically attract certain types of women!
  • How and where to find the best social networks all around the world!
  • What you MUST know about the different types of women on myspace and other social networks in order to be successful in picking them up!
  • My proven system for spotting Fakes, Fantasy Girls, Nut Cases!
  • How to turn the tables on Fakes and have them actually work for you and make you look more attractive to REAL women!
  • How to spot those “You looked Better on Online girls!” So you don’t have to waste time meeting them in person!
  • Tips and tricks for finding hot women on Myspace and other social networks.
  • The 3 best places to find women on Myspace! Two of them also increase your chances of women finding you first and contacting you first!

My Guarded Secrets of Creating A Magnetic Profile
That Gets Women To Contact You First!

This is a big section of the course and in it you’ll discover my proven secrets of how to build a profile that works 24/7 like a Digital Babe Magnet attracting women to contact you and making them highly receptive to your emails.

Just some of what you’ll learn in this section...

  • The types of pictures make you STAND OUT from other men! Adding these types of pictures are like adding super-charger to your profile!
  • How a certain kind of picture can make you look like a totally pathetic desperate loser!
  • Two simple & easy methods I use to find my most attractive pictures to use in my profile!
  • How to legally steal what’s working for your online competition (other men) and make it work even better for you!
  • How I used the Bad Boy approach to Turn Women On Sexually and how it must be done if you decide to try this. You know women love bad boys!
  • How to turn dry boring profile text into juicy emotionally riveting text that will reach out from her screen take hold of her imagination and have her fantasizing about how exciting it would be to be with you!
  • How to inject humor into your profile to create rapport and a sense that you’re fun to be with when she meets you in person!
  • My step-by-step template that makes writing your profile text a breeze! I think even a monkey could do this!
  • Simple tricks to spice up your page and make reflect your personality.
  • Little known resources to make your page makeover fun, fast and easy!
  • The Dynamic Power of “The Friends List” and how to turn it into a continuous flow of new women contacting you.
  • Discover one of my biggest secrets that has allowed me to sit back and relax while women email me.
  • My 4 plans for massive success with your “Friends List!” Choose one and get started today!

Proven Effective Techniques For Contacting Women
And Getting Them To Respond To Your Emails!

Another Big Section of the course that really breaks down the process of writing emails to women into very simple steps...

  • 3 Simple But Effective ways I use to contact women that have lead to my own success in online dating!
  • Common emails that DON’T work analyzed and deconstructed! If your emails look anything like these you be stroking it alone for a long time!
  • The right way to contact women to contact women that makes them want to talk to you!
  • A simple trick that I used to deal with women with Private Profiles which works most of the time!
  • Something you should ALWAYS keep in mind when contacting a woman for the first time!
  • The 3 Types of emails I have used successful to meet women and when to use each one.
  • My proven highly effective format that you should follow when writing her an email for the first time.

How to Create Rapport, Attraction & Sexual Tension
So That She’s Ready to Hook Up When You Meet Her in Person!!!

This is where you start taking it to the next level and to do that you must know...

  • The Red Flags that women look for when chatting with you. If she sees any sign of these you’re history!
  • What you MUST NOT do with really hot women or your will totally scare them off EVERY TIME!
  • How to Deal with the Sexual Tests women hurl at you... Your response can make it or be a Deal Breaker!
  • What 99% of the guys do that cause them to Blow-It almost every time. Find out what it is and make sure you’re NOT doing it!
  • When you SHOULD and SHOULDN’T take it to a sexual level online! This answer might surprise you!
  • How Hot Chatting and Cyber Sex can make some women “have to have you” and others just the mention of it will be an instant COCK BLOCKING Deal Breaker!
  • How to determine the difference between “Sexual Interest” and a “Sexual Test”, if you confuse these two and blow it, you’ll totally turn her off!
  • The Exact Line word-for-word a friend of mine used when chatting with girl to take the conversation to a sexual topic. An hour later she was at his place riding him like a F-ing Screaming Banshee!
  • The chatting guidelines I ALWAYS USE that will lead you to hook up success!
  • Why a Webcam can be a your best friend or worst enemy in online dating depending on how it’s used!
  • The Special Rules I follow for women out of town or out of state that break many of the rules I follow for local women!
  • The “Exact Words” I use to get her on the phone that works almost every time!
  • Simple Secrets I discovered that turn the phone into a powerful seduction tool and what you should do to capitalize on that power!

Meet Her In Person and Take It To The Next Level
When You Discover...

  • 4 simple ways to get her to meet you that work like a charm!
  • The pro’s and con’s of having her come to your place! And why I don’t do it anymore!
  • The BEST places to meet a woman in person for the first time.
  • How I steal her frame of mind and use it to make her comfortable and willing to meet me in person.
  • When you should and shouldn’t pay on a first meeting!
  • How to set it up so that you don’t pay without looking cheap! I did this and we had sex 60 minutes after we met!!!
  • How to recognize and avoid the con game women constantly use manipulate men into spending money on them!
  • Simple tips for keeping the conversation going!
  • And much, much, much more!

You’re Getting It ALL Included When You Get Your Copy
 Of The PWO Home Study Course Right Now!

The PWO Home Stucy Course -Digital Download

The Pickup Women Online Course Is A 100% Digital Download
To Your Computer So You Can Get Started Right Now!

I made my course 100% Digital so that not only could you get started with it right now but so that I could also lower the price by not having printing or shipping & handling costs.

The Audio Guides & Videos will work on both the PC & Mac, but require you to view them with our media player because they are password protected with DRM.

The Book, Workbook and Blueprints are installed and registered to your computer like software and are only viewable on the PC* at this time. If you have a Mac you will have to be set up to run windows on your Mac or install it on a friends or work computer and print out the materials.

* We do not give refunds for technical issues just like stores won’t trake back opened DVDs & Video Games. This is becuase unfortunately there are people that try to game the system by claiming somthing does not work even when it does wasting our both our time and support resources just to get out of paying for something.

But That’s Not All... Because Right Now For
A Limited Time You’re Getting These Very Special Bonuses!

Bonus #1:
My Entire Greatlovers.com Collection of E-Books
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The Greatlovers Collection Bonus

I’m giving you these so that you will know how to please all of the women that you are going to be pulling from online into your bed.

Over 300 Pages and 30 minutes Of Audio power pack with valuable sex & dating secrets to turn you in to a great lover!

These E-Books have been helping men from all over the world for over 10 years become truly great and exceptional lovers!

In Greatlovers Collection you will discover how to...

  • Add Up to 4.2” In Combined Length & Girth to Your Penis!
  • Last As Long As You Want During Intercourse!
  • Have Erections of Steel, Increased Sex Drive & Stamina
    by Using Secret Herbs & Natural Substances.
  • Thrust Like A Pro And Drive Her Wild All Night Long!
  • Give Her An Orgasm Every Time!
  • Cum Like a Pornstar!
  • Turn Your Girl Into an Anal Addict!!!
  • Become A Multi-Orgasmic Man!
  • What Women Want In Bed?
  • Special Report On Prostate Health
  • The Two Rules: To Always Have A Lover!
  • Be A Better Lover Tonight: Ten Things To Blow Her Mind Tonight!
  • Give women G-Spot & Multiple Orgasms!
  • Give Women Female Ejaculatory (Squirting Orgasms)
  • Sexual Positions for G-Spot Simulation!
  • Give her The All Bases Covered Orgasm!
  • Turn Her On With The Power Of Your Voice!
  • How To Make Her Want It Bad!
  • And Sooo Much More!

Bonus #2:
When You Buy My Course Right Now I’m Giving You A Free Month of Access To An Additional $580 Worth of My Products To Make Sure You Succeed With Women Both Online & Offline!

I’m giving you 30 days of access to my entire PWO Archive collection that has the most requested products I have made next to the Main Pickup Women Online course!

These products below cover both online and offline dating...

All About Facebook

All About Facebook

Facebook is the most visited site on the internet today and the largest social network by far. So it warrants an issue of PWO monthly dedicated just to Facebook.

In this 76 minute video you will discover how to...

  • Create a Facebook profile the right way. So that you start of right from the beginning and not blow your chances!
  • Start building your network of hot women. So that you are naturally interacting with the kind of women you want to date.
  • Get women to add you even when they don’t know you. This let’s you slip in past the private profile gate!
  • The right way to meet women on Facebook and interact with them. So you don’t get your account deleted or banned!
  • Start building attraction & rapport by using the news feed.
The Game of Questions

The Game of Questions

After hundreds of emails I developed this simple and fun way to continue the conversation. I call it the “Game of Questions.” The Game of Questions can also be used on the phone, and in person.

In this 54 minute video you will discover...

  • When the best time to use the game of questions is. So you will maximize the impact of the game.
  • The best questions use that will give you a seduction advantage. Using the right questions, you will learn what turns her on so that you know exactly how to seduce her.
  • When not to use the game of questions. So times it not appropriate to play this game and I’ll you exactly when that is.
  • The right way to take it to a sexual level. This is so important. If you do it too soon you blow it if you do it too late she’ll lose interest and get bored.
  • How to create you own questions so you never get busted using questions that some other guy has sent her!
Why Women Lose Interest

Why Women Lose Interest

After hearing from men that were getting women to meet them successfully but the women lost interest after meeting them I decided to make this product to teach men how to keep women interested and attracted to them. This works no matter if you met her online or off.

In this 66 minute video you will discover...

  • How men and women perceive the date differently. Once you learn this you’ll see why you have been blowing it.
  • Why women lose interest. Not knowing this is like trying to play darts and hit a bulls eye in a pitch black room!
  • What women want when the meet or date you! Once you are armed with this information, you know exactly what you must do every time you meet up or go on a date with a woman!
  • What you absolutely must do to keep her interest. So that she “Can’t wait to see you” again!
  • How To Keep Her Attracted & Interested. So she will be calling you and texting you before you even call her as opposed to not returning your calls like she does now.
Picking Up Women On Halloween

Picking Up Women On Halloween

 I hooked up on Halloween did you? This video will teach you how to Pick women up on Halloween or Costume Parties Any time of Year!

In this 54 minute video you will discover...

  • The Reason why Halloween is the Best Night of the Year to Pickup Women! So you can use the psychology behind it to your advantage to pickup women like crazy!
  • The Best Costumes that practically pickup women for you! Once you know this it’s almost effortless.
  • The worst cock blocking costumes you should never wear! So you’ll never make this stupid mistake most men make!
  • How to get women to come up to you all night long! Because it’s so much more fun when they are chasing you!
  • The Secret Powers The Right Costume Gives you! So you can get away with stuff you could never get away without a costume!
  • Getting Phone numbers on Halloween! So you have dates lined up for the next week and beyond!
  • Hooking up on the spot and getting her back to your place!
Dating During The Holidays

Dating During The Holidays

The Holiday season is one of the best times of year to meet and pickup women. Women are out everywhere and ripe for the picking if you know how to approach them!

In this 71 minute video you will discover...

  • Why this is the best time to meet women. So that you can use the psychology to your advantage!
  • The best places to meet women during the holidays. Some places are much better than others this time of year and I’m going to break it down for you!
  • How to Approach Women in Person using both the direct & conversational approach. So you have two types of approaches to choose from that you can apply in any given situation!
  • Low Odds Women to avoid. So you don’t waste you time with women that are predisposed to reject you!
  • When you should and shouldn’t buy women presents for Christmas. Not knowing this can either make you look needy or like a total prick and you don’t want either of those!
  • Dealing with multiple women during the holidays. If you’re dating motile women the Holidays can be a tricky time. Here how you can deal with that!
  • How to Pickup on New Years if you’re alone! So you don’t stand there alone while everyone else is making out at Midnight!
  • How to do New Years if you’re with a date! From Cheap to Expensive!
How To Date Multiple Women

How To Date Multiple Women

This is every mans dream at least until he finds “The One” that is he looking for. Not only that. But it’s essential that you do this to keep yourself from getting too focused on one woman before she has committed to you fully.

In this 76 minute video you will discover how to...

  • How to date several women as once until you find the one you want. So you keep your options open and until you are sure and really want to be with only one woman!
  • How to keep a constant supply of new women coming into your life. If you are seeing multiple women you’ll need to have new ones that will replace the ones that leave here’s how.
  • How to have one primary woman and still see others until you are sure. This is like having your cake and eating it too.
  • How to have a girlfriend that’s committed to you and still see other women without lying or cheating. THIS IS HAVING YOUR CAKE AND EATING IT TOO!
  • What you must do so that women will accept this as part of your relationship.
  • How to have multiple friends with benefits. This is often the best situation because there is almost no drama or hassle.

For as long as you are a member of PWO Archive* you will have access to the above products, new updates and coaching calls that are added to the members area archive.

* If you want to stay a member of Pickup Women Online Archive simply do nothing and your membership will renew at $47 a month. You can cancel at any time by sending an email. Canceling is your responsibility and there are no refunds if you forget to cancel before you are charged.

 Bonus #3 - Fast Action Bonus :
If you get my course on this visit... I’ll also give you...
3 of My Unedited and Uncensored Recordings Of Me Doing
 One-On-One Coaching Calls With My Private Coaching Clients
Who have Agreed To Let Me Share Their Ground Breaking
Sessons To Help Other Men Improve Their Lives!

I normally charge close to $200 an hour for One-On-One audio coaching in these 3 coaching call sessions I’m letting you listen in on over 6 hours of coaching...That you would have had to pay $1200 to do One-On-One with me personally! Yours FREE when you buy on this Visit!


Volume 1: Unedited Coaching Call With Simon

Simon was attracting the wrong kind of women and not getting the results he desired. I’m happy to say he now has a beautiful girlfriend that’s in love with him after several sessions with me.

In this 2 Hour and 5 minute audio session you will discover...

  • How the image you project attracts certain types of women
    that could be psychos and stalkers and how to avoid it!
  • How to tell which girls are just to have fun with from girls that are relationship material.
  • How your profile image conveys a reality women accept of true.
  • A tip for pleasing a woman that wants to have sex several times a day without becoming exhausted.
  • The problems with dating MOST beautiful women.
  • Why nice guys hate breaking up and bad boys love it!
  • How to be the strong man that women are craving when they
    go for jerks without being a jerk!
  • Why spending all of your time learning Pickup is a WASTE of your time!
  • And Much, Much, More!!!

Volume 2: Unedited Coaching Call With Tom

Tom was having problems meeting attractive women and blowing it on dates. After working with me and my course he was meeting & successfully dating attractive women online and offline consistently.

In this 2 Hour video you will discover...

  • Why he was blowing it with Hot Girls and Attracted Average girls.
  • How to give Beautiful women just enough interest & attention.
  • How to get women back to your place!
  • How your beliefs and expectations determine your experiences with women and what you must Believe for women to want you sexually!
  • The Affirmation/Suggestion I used to automatically attract women effortlessly!
  • The frame of mine that you should have when dealing with beautiful women!
  • A NLP Anchoring technique to get into a powerful state when dealing with beautiful women!
  • How soon to call after the date!
  • I outline what and how to take it to physical level on a date and the common mistakes men make on dates.
  • What it really means when a woman says "No."
  • Why techniques are NOTHING compared to inner game and your frame of reality!
  • And Much, Much, More!

Volume 3: Unedited Coaching Call With Jay

Jay was very typical of the average “Nice Guy” and we talk a lot about how NOT to be a nice guy and why being one does not work and turns women off! Then I critique some of his emails and go over my profile pictures with him.

In this 2 Hour video you will discover...

  • Why sometimes women think shy guys are stuck up and how to fix that!
  • How to Reprogram Your Mind for success with women!
  • Why being a nice guy and how is can actually cause
    you to resent women in the long run!
  • How to break the "Nice Guy Addiction!" and start getting women!
  • Why giving women what "They Say They Want" backfires and works against you!
  • How we are programmed and conditioned to be nice to beautiful women and why you must break that bad habit!
  • When you should and shouldn't spend money on women when meeting, hanging out and dating!
  • Something I learned to do that got me laid a lot more, by doing so much less!
  • Foreign Women Vs. American Women Vs. Vegas Women!
  • How I qualify women on my profile to get the kind of women I want keep the others away! “The Girlfriend Finder Profile”
  • The Key To Getting Women To Respond to You!
  • When to show interest in a women and when to avoid Cocky/Funny humor!
  • And Much, Much, More!

You Are Getting EVERYTHING You Need To Take Your Online & Offline Game To The Next Level And Become Dramatically More Successful With Women No Matter Where Or How You Meet Them!

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If you think you can’t afford less than a dollar a day to change your life ask yourself this...

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I’m sorry but to answer “No” to that question you’d have to be a special kind of stupid!

Getting my course now is a complete no brainier just on the money savings alone not to mention the time savings and what it truly gives you in quality of life!

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It’s All Backed Up By My One Year “Pickup More Women”
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My “Pickup More Women”
110% Money Back Guarantee!

You maybe thinking that all of this sounds to good to be true, or you might be thinking “Does it really work?” It’s funny how many people ask me that! And my answer is YES it really works! If it did not work I would not be able to offer you the following guarantee...

Try the methods & techniques in my course for up to a year and if you don’t see any positive results and are not picking up more women online I’ll send you your money back PLUS 10% just for trying it. That’s several times more than your money would earn in the bank!

Now there are two things I ask of you because this is not a lending library and this course is not for uncommitted window shoppers, lookyloos or men not seeking to get real results.

1. You must use the information in the course for at least 6 months. That should be long enough apply the information, methods and techniques and see real results.

2. You must be able to show me that you applied it. I’m not selling magic attraction powder. I’m selling you a system that works but for it to work you must apply it, to your profile, emails, pictures, and online interactions with women. It’s easy.

If you have done those two things and it just does not work for you I’ll give your money back+ 10% just for trying it out!


Nico Simon Princely, CEO
GL Publishing LLC

PS: How much money have you spent on dating sites or meeting women in person neither of which have any money back guarantee. Think about that!

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As soon as my payment is processed I will have instant access to download the PWO Home Study Course and all of the Valuable bonuses, that will give me the techniques to change my sex & dating life forever!

My total investment for this life changing information is a one-time charge of $297 $48. And that the charge will appear under the name “GL Publishing LLC” on my credit card statement.

That my purchase is backed by your 100% Money Back Guarantee. And that I have up to 1 year to try out the course and that I must actually use the techniques and give it an honest effort for at least 6 months. And that even if I do ask for a refund I still get to keep the entire Greatlovers Collection Bonus!

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