Why a Brad Pitt clone has little sucess meeting women online…

April 21st, 2013

BJ wrote:
“I look like a young Brad Pitt and I fill out my profile very well.
Still not much success, very confusing”

Hi BJ,

Ok so you have the first part down, you’re lucky enough to be
naturally good looking.

So why is it that someone that looks like you does not do as well
as I do online?

It’s obviously not my looks, while some women do think I am good
looking others don’t basically they love me or hate me there is
not much middle ground with me. I rate a 7 to 7.7 on hot or not.

You have a look that would appeal to more women than I do.
So the answer is what you are doing is NOT working, you are not
contacting them the right way, or your profile is not conveying
attractive qualities.

There are two problems men that are good looking run into:

1.They try to rely just on their looks.
Unlike women that can rely on just their looks to attract most men.
This does not work well with women. Because women are attracted more
to a mans action and they way he interacts with them than they are
to his looks in most cases.

They look for traits and qualities where we look for physical
attributes. Let me give you an example of how men and women differ
at this.

US (Men)        Them (Women)
Great Body     Confidence
Nice tits           Status
Great Ass        The way he makes her feel
Pretty Face     The way he carries himself

The above is just an example and not a direct correlation.

Now some women are more physical than others and are attracted
to model type guys. But of all of the naturals I know the
best looking model type guys are NOT the ones that get the most
or hottest g1rls. It’s the ones that have personality and convey
the alpha male qualities The ones that and are good looking are
virtually unstoppable. Some of them are not all that much to look at
but they are fun, outgoing and keep the women laughing.

2. If your good looking most women think your a player.
I have been told this by women that find me good looking, that I
intimidate them becuase I am always hanging out with hot women
(or so they think based on my pictures) or they think I am a
player and don’t trust me and are afraid to give me a chance
because they will get hurt.

So as a good looking man in addition to not relying on your
looks and developing a personality you also need to overcome
their fears that you are a player or man whore.

If you have not done so I suggest that you visit my site
pickupwomenonline.com and sign up for my free newsletter where
I answer all kinds of questions related to online dating.

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I review VigRx Plus & Give Amazing Bonus Offer!

September 12th, 2010

Before I started teaching men about online dating I wrote 2 books on sexual performance and technique which can be found at Greatlovers.com and Female Ejaculations.com

I these books I recommend supplements and herbs that enhance male sexual performance. But men always asked me if I knew of just one supplement they could take instead of the mixture I suggested. I started looking tested many of the products on the market today. The one I liked best was VigRx and now VigRx Plus!

I now promote VigRx and have special Buy VigRx offer that I just made below.

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Meeting and Picking up girls online with your webcam…

July 11th, 2010

If you haven’t noticed everything is all about video these days. More and more people have webcams now that almost all laptops and most desktops ship with built in webcams. So it only natural that people are webcamming (not sure if that’s a word or not but I’m going to use it anyway) much more frequently. In my home study course I talk about meeting women and getting them to go on cam with you.

But now you can actually meet them on cam so that you can start  off with greater impact and make an emotional connection right from the start! It’s awesome!

Also there is no awkwardness or weirdness asking her to go on cam. Because she’s not going to think you’re a perv trying to get her to get on cam to get naked because she is already on cam and in an virtual environment where being on cam is completely normal and everyone is doing it including her!

One of the fastest growing places for meeting women on cam is WooMe.

I signed up the months ago but honestly have not been very active. But I’m about to change all of that and start getting active on there now that I have a bit more free time. It’s really a lot of fun. And I have seen quite a few hot girls on there at least in my area!

I suggest that you go sign up for a free account and try it out. And please you this link below because you are helping to support this newsletter when you do and I really appreciate it. Visit WooMe Now!

When you login you will have to create a profile, upload load picture, etc…  just like on all other social sites. So you need to know how to construct a quality profile and the best pictures to upload. If you know how to do that you’re good to go but if you don’t  I cover both in depth in my Home Study Course.

Now a few tips for you…

  1. When you’re meeting women on cam you the rules of attraction DO NOT CHANGE, you still need to present yourself as an attractive man and display the Alpha Male qualities.
  2. Above all you can’t be dull or boring, you only have a couple of minutes to make a good first impression.
  3. Have fun and show your personality…no one wants to sit there and look at  someone that can’t think of anything to say.
  4. Ask her questions about herself, her surroundings, her pets, her interests on her profile.
  5. Click here now and go sign up for a free trial and try it out!

PS: If you really want to having amazing success on this or any other social networking site get my course. It will be one the Best Investments in yourself that you will ever make… Because it will teach you all  about The Psychology of Attraction, The Alpha Male Traits, And The Nice Guy Traits that TURN WOMEN OFF!!! And really how to do everything you need to do to pickup women online pretty much anywhere that there is social interaction.

So if you want to have a summer to remember rather than the same old, same old…Stop putting it off and do the right thing and get the course and use it…and don’t give me  that money excuse…please it’s less than .27 a day of for a year*!

And don’t forget you also get my entire Greatlovers Collection of Ebooks and a month of PWO Monthly (Covering Facebook This month) as a bonus when you buy my Home Study Course now. Kind of a No Brainer huh?

Get the Home Study Course Now for One Payment of $97*

Get The Home Study Course Now for 3 Payments of $37

Read More About the Home Study Course…

That’s all for today…I’ll see you soon!

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What a woman told me about being commited and monogamy

March 5th, 2010

I went out with very insightful woman last week. Who said she had different views on relationships and monogamy than her girlfriends. I asked her to explain.

She said “Men should not be forced to be Monogamous” In shock and awe of this brilliant woman I asked “Why?” she said “it’s not natural for them” and  “you can be his friend and have the truth and a great relationship or try to control him and be lied to.”

She also understood that to men having a fling keeps his sex drive alive where monogamy generally kills it so the woman in the relationship also suffers.

I asked her if that meant that she should also not be monogamous she replied “No, when I’m in a relationship I don’t want anyone else.” And  “If most women thought like this there would be almost no divorces.” I agreed!

The stats support what she’s saying. Sure some monogamous men are happy. But most if you talked to are actually tolerant rather than happy, becuase they believe and have been brainwashed to believe they have no other option or choice.

And it’s not proven that committed men live longer. Men in relationships live longer, that does not mean they have never had sex with anyone else. I’m not at all against relationships. I have been in several both monogamous and open and both were wonderful times in my life.

For MOST men the dating world sucks, they risk the rejection, spend the money ( I don’t spend money on a woman until I know she’s into me, then I’m very generous), most of the really attractive women out there are low quality in all of the other areas so approach with caution! (ask any experienced man and he’ll tell you the same.)

Many of those married men that look so happy, are not monogamous they don’t wear signs saying “I cheat.” And neither do women.

Some men do find women they are 100% into and are 90% compatible with and it’s so good that it’s easier to fight the desire to be with another women.

But for most it’s not the case. 66% of marriages end in divorce. And I don’t think I have ever met a married man that didn’t tell me “Don’t get married!”

And no I’m not the last word and her view is certainly not the norm for a woman. The last word lies with each individual. I’m just a person looks at the reality of the situation as a whole and every man I have ever had a serious talk about this with says the same thing “I want my wife but I’d like to have sex with another woman once in a while” It’s like a pressure that builds up and needs to be released. You either release it or have an explosion.

The one’s getting some on the side are MUCH happier than the ones that don’t for the most part, unless they have guilt issues.

Anyway I don’t agree that most women will agree with this. Only maybe those that do therapy with men, or prostitutes as both see the sides of men they hide from the women in their life. Or maybe women like my friend that some how has also come to the same conclusion through what ever means of observation of the reality of the situation.

The few women I have met that share this view or were raised to and they are much happier and less stressed out and my friend above that told me her view is one such woman.

What really needs to happen is Men as whole and to just come out and say “ENOUGH! this is how we are deal with it!” and end the lies and pretense. Because you can never be true to someone else if you are not true to yourself.

Most men want a relationship but we are wired to want to have sex with other women by nature. Nature will ALWAYS prevail over social conditioning, social contracts,etc… Look around at all of the evidence. Disagree all you like but the fact and static and behavior of people speak the reality of the situation.

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Pickup Women Online – Home Study Course Finally Launched!

February 26th, 2010

Wow! After over a month of delays my course is finally launched! I am so happy to finally have it finished and released!

It will teach you everything your need to know about how to meet and pickup women online on social networking sites. And during this first week until March 4th I’m give the first 100 people massive bonus packages depending on which course package they buy!

To see more about the course and the bonuses Click Here!

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After a break up, how long should you wait to get serious with somebody new?

February 1st, 2010

This is a response to a question my face book friend Brent posted. I thought I’d post it here also.

“It all depends on where you are in your  life and what you want. I find that often it’s best to take some time alone or single especially if you are one of those people that have never been alone or jump from relationship to relationship as most very attractive women do because it’s so easy. A lot of women don’t leave one man until the have another lined up. I see the less in men.

People that are never single and never spend any time alone really don’t have a relationship with their self or even know themselves well. When you don’t know yourself or have a quality relationship with yourself how can you ever expect to really  have quality relationship with another person.

People also need to wake up from the LIE we are sold that we need someone else to complete us. We must find that inner peach and feel completed  and happy our own then we will attract others to us that also feel that way.

Relationships are Mirrors that show us aspects of our self and also reflect back to us what we judge harshly in others. So you really need to asses what you have learned from the relationship about yourself, your actions, reactions, and also what you have discovered that you are attracting in others and what you want and do not want in a future partner and relationship.

Without that you’re pretty much going to attract the same thing and often make the very same mistakes as you did last time.

Now if you’re just dating and there are really just seeing someone for a month you should still learn about what you want and don’t and your actions and reactions. But you don’t need a cooling off period that’s as long or even one at all.

BTW you can apply this way of thinking to your entire life, your job, family, sports, a conflict with a random person. This is the way I live everyday.

Asking how I attracted a situation, where my actions the best I could have taken and what would I prefer in the future.”

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Feedback from Dating Coaching Clients & Half Naked Chicks!

January 29th, 2010
Well less than 12 hours to go until my new course is released and the mad dash for the 100 Bonus Packages Begins…I’m running behind a bit unfortunately so it it looks like an all nighter for me. I just grabbed a some sort of natural power drink called “Guayaki Yerba Mate – Organic Energy Shot” (Anyone ever tried it?) and a bottle of  “Kombusha” from whole foods so I’ll let you know how that works out…lol I drink Kombusha all of the time. (See Pic Below)
Any way I just put up two new videos on the launch page. The first is some feedback from some men that I have done one-on-one coaching with and two of them have also seen the videos which are in several packages of my course.
The end of that video with those guys also has  also has a nice surprise from one of my photoshoots I did recently with some hot models. Hence the “Half Naked Chicks!” Hey I needed a break thought I’d share…what can I say.
The next video is three more guys. Two of those videos I just received in the last few hours…They are real average men with real results. Two of them I have done coaching with and one of them has only used my free starter kit and is planning to buy my course 11 hours from now.
Click one of the links on this page or the image above and check out the new videos!
PS: Keep and I on your mail box as more info is coming soon!

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Good News & Bad News About My New Online Dating Course!

January 27th, 2010

In the blog post I did yesterday I told you that I’m about to release my new Home Study Course soon.

Well the GOOD NEWS is it will be released this Friday at 12:00 Noon
at http://www.pickupwomenonline.com/HSC/

But since I started this site I have received a ton of email asking
me questions like…

  • Why even bother with online dating?
  • How is you method any different what I’m already doing?
  • Why not just go pick up a woman at a club?
  • Is online dating just for losers?
  • What if I’m already good with women?
  • What if I suck at meeting women?
  • and many more questions.

So I want to address those questions right now in video format which
I have put on the following page. http://www.pickupwomenonline.com/HSC/

The BAD NEWS (Part 1) is I’m not going to be getting much sleep until this is launched as there is still a ton of work to be done for the launch even though the product is finished and ready to go.(Not Kidding
I’m just now writing this at 6:40 am and then going to bed.)

The BAD NEWS (Part 2) is that there are only 100 FAST ACTION Bonuses available to the first 100 men that buy the Home Study Course and my emails are going out to over 29,455 men not to mention readers of this blog and viewers of my You Tube videos

So stay tuned and bookmark that page when you get there because things are rolling fast and I’ll be posting more videos before the launch on Friday!

Hint: If you want to get in on the FAST ACTION bonuses which will include Package Upgrades, My entire Greatlovers.com collection of books on sexual performance & technique, penis enlargement, female ejaculation and more then sign up for my Early Notification List and get a special Early Backdoor link sent to you hours before the other 29,454 men and
those that read my blog and watch my you tube videos get notified.

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The Pickup Women Online – Online Dating Home Study Course is Done!

January 26th, 2010

If you have been on my mailing list for any length of time you know that I have been working on my Home Study Course for quite a while. And that it focuses on meeting and picking up women on social networking sites like Myspace, Facebook, Bebo, and basically any social networking site you might use now or in the future.

Whether or not you’re a brand spanking new subscriber to my newsletter or one of the tens of thousands of men that heard me in my David DeAngelo interview (who have been anxiously waiting for me to finish this Home Study Course) I’m elated to tell you…No, scratch that I’m F—ing Bouncing Off The Walls and Floating Up in the Air like Mother F—ing Mary Poppins I’m so Happy to say that it’s FINALLY finished!

Why? Because it’s been one of the hardest and longest projects I have ever worked on in my life! And I can release it to all of the men that have been asking for it and have been in need of it for a long time.

I’m also very proud because I feel that it’s some of the most tremendous work I have ever done in my life! You see, I’m not a professional writer and I’m not going to impress anyone with my writing skills or grammar but I know that I’m going to change lives forever with the secrets and knowledge that I share in this course. In fact it already has…keep an eye out for the video feedback that I’m going send you in a day or so from several of my one-one-one coaching clients.)

This course took several years of being “up until the crack of dawn research” (fortunately some of that research included getting laid! :o ) and experience in my own online dating life going from CMF (confused miserable failure) at online dating to effortlessly successful player.

It also includes information I learned from a number of other Super-Successful Online Players who have been very generous in sharing their secrets to outrageous Point & Click pickup success with me.

I am very grateful to have been able to talk to, interview and model my own success after many of those men and now you will be able to model your success after all of us. I’m also very grateful to all of my friends that supported me in this effort and to my friend Nicole (who I met on Myspace and dated for 3 years) who helped edit my book and clean up my murderous use of the English language! Of course I went back in and screwed much of it up again…lol

This Course is Jam-Packed with a ton of information and will teach you all of the Secrets (that most men won’t share and in fact will sneakily hide from you) that you need to know to meet, pickup, date and hookup with Hot Women on online and on social networking sites!

It will not only dramatically improve your online game but will also put you onto the FAST TRACK to become a magnetically attractive man naturally no matter where or how you meet women or in any situation when you apply what you learn in this course because a major part of this course is “The Psychology of Attraction” and “The Psychology of Un-Attraction” I even include a Quick Start Guide on “Inner Game” and how to overwrite limiting beliefs and program yourself for success with women.

I’m going to be releasing it for sale before the end of this month so (yes in the next 6 days) come hell or high water and I’ll be in contact over the next few days answering questions, going into detail on what exactly is in the course and telling you about the Fast Action Bonuses I’m giving out the first 100 People that buy the new course.

Also I have tried to make it as affordable as possible by making several different packages of the course available depending budget, course options and personal coaching from me.

I’ll be filling you in on all of this before Friday! In the meantime here’s a Sneak peek spy photo below of one of the top level packages. There are two packages below this level and one above all to be explained very soon.

PS: Make sure you’re on my email list or subscribed to this blog and check your RSS feeds as this course will be released Friday January 29th 2010 at 12:00 Noon Pacific Standard Time!

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Are you tired of getting put into the friend zone by women?

January 20th, 2010

If you have ever been stuck in the friend zone you know how frustrating, depressing and agonizing it can be! And then you watch as the woman your are so into sometimes even in love with goes off and hooks up with some jerk or asshole. While you’re moaning from heartbreak she’s moaning in pleasure while he defiles her 8 different ways!

Then when he dumps her she often comes back to tell you the story and cry on your shoulder! And just when you think she is going to wake and she you for her dream guy he calls her back now that he got a new bottle of Viagra all you get is the F—ing check at the end of dinner and a distant hug! And the torment goes on!

What you don’t know is that the very fact that she is friends with you and is willing to hang out with you generally means that at some point when she first met you she had already said to herself in her mind “I’d have sex with him.” And then YOU SCREWED IT ALL UP! And then you were then put into the friends zone!

Don’t feel bad I have done it myself many times before I discovered through trial and error, and lot of going over tons of interactions with with a fine tooth comb looking for clues and traces of where I went wrong and where I went right.

The Good News is that you don’t have to suffer in the friend zone anymore or learn through trial and error like I did. Because I have not only put all of my secrets into my “No More Friend Zone” Issue but I have also included over two hours of candid uncensored interviews with attractive women where they reveal how men screw up turn them off and literally force them to put guys into the friend zone!

But it’s only available until the end of this month as part of my Monthly Multimedia Newsletter here… Click Here to find out more about “No More Friend Zone!”

Click Here to find out more about “No More Friend Zone!”

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