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The Millionaire Sucker Club – TV Show…

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

The Millionaire Sucker Club – TV Show…

I have been watching this crazy show on Bravo called “The Millionaire Matchmaker” where millionaire men pay a woman to set them up with Gold diggers that are looking for millionaire husbands.

This just goes to show all of you guys out there that think having money will get you women. Money alone does not cut it. I mean these guys are rich and they still have to pay some woman $10,000 dollars to hook them up with women.

The worst part is often some these guys have such poor social skills and game that often the girls still don’t go for them even though they are millionaires.

She often gives these guys advice and some times it’s good but sometimes it’s terrible advice like spending lot of money on women and not having sex until they are in committed relationships. I totally disagree with all of that crap!

In fact she kicks them out of the program and keeps the $10,000 if you have sex with the woman unless you are in a relationship.

She also makes them take women out to a 4 or 5 star restaurant on the very first date. Which is a HUGE mistake! Why would you ever spend money on a woman that you don’t even know yet. That makes you look desperate and like you are trying too hard to impress her. Even if you have money you don’t need to spend it on her until you know her or even better yet until you are intimate.

I personally feel that you should never spend money on a woman until she is having sex with you. You reward her for good behavior not the other way around or she will be controlling you with sex forever!

But, remember her goal is to get them to hook up and get into a relationship and move on to the next $10,000 sucker.

So basically these guys spend $10,000 to meet some hot women that only want to date millionaires and for bad dating advice that makes them financial targets and pussy whipped.

Patti the match maker might have good intentions but the problem is that she is a woman and she is telling these guys to do what women “Say they want’ not what women respond to. So the advice favors the women and puts them in control but will also turn them off on an unconscious level in the long run. I have met women that have left the life of being pampered and living like a queen because they were bored to death and felt no passion for the man.

We see it all the time the guys women stay with are always the ones they are complaining about and the women with the perfect guy is bored and she looses attraction. In fact Patti tells how she herself went for bad boys when she was young.

But now she likes nice guys now that she is older and over weight. (Wow it’s such a reward to be a nice guy you get older women that are fat, such a great deal!)

The worst part is these poor guys are millionaires, yet they lack confidence, are seeking the approval of these women, and kissing their asses so much that it makes me almost flinch just watching these guys on the show.

You can tell some of the women would walk out if it was not for the dollar signs in their eyes, looking for someone to pay their bills. I have to say I do respect the women that say “I am not into him” to some of the guys even though they are millionaires.

Patti claims she does this because she wants to help people find love and maybe her intentions are pure but setting up nice guy millionaires with gold digging parasitic woman that are looking for someone to give them a free ride is not doing these men a favor. In fact it’s a recipe for disaster at least for the man.

There are so many things wrong with this situation that it’s hard to know where to start but here goes off the top of my head…

• The woman is attracted to the financial freedom and lifestyle and not the man.

• The man is a target to be taken to the cleaners and lose a lot of money if they do get married or live together with out a pre-nuptial or co-habitation agreement.

• If the money is gone or he hits hard times the woman is gone also.

• She is really in control of the relationship because it started with him trying to buy her and without the social skills to met another woman he will give in to her demands out of fear of loss, loneliness or if she uses sex to manipulate him.

• If he becomes controlling or tries to take his power back it will be by cutting off her money, which causes resentment.

• By not having sex before they are in a committed relationship they don’t even know if they are sexually compatible as a female friend of mine was so quick to point out to me. (But I guess that really doesn’t matter since these women get their orgasms from shopping.)

If Patti was sincere about helping these men she would recommend an attorney and give them information on protecting themselves financially from the gold diggers she is setting them up with. Maybe some of these women might have their own money and want to date on a equal level or maybe some of them really want to find love and figure they can love a rich guy just as easy as one that’s not rich. That’s fine, then none of those women (that are truly in it for love) should have any problem with signing a pre-nuptial agreement before getting married or a co-habitation agreement before living together.

If these same guys came to me and paid me $10,000 I would spend 4 days with them and teach them the psychology of attraction, how to meet beautiful women both online and in person, and how to build attraction with women. Then they would be set for life and be able to meet women everywhere for the rest of their life rather than just being set up with a few gold diggers with the advice to spend money and kiss ass.

Then if they still choose to use her service or one like it they would then at least know how to keep the women attracted and create sexual desire in them which most of the guys on the show clearly do not know how to do. In essence with out knowing how to attract women and not having seduction skills they are wasting their $10,000 fee to the service.

The bottom line is that if you have money most women will give you a chance that they would not have given you if you did not have money, but only the true gold diggers will stick around based only on the money. So what this means is that you still need to have social skills and the ability to attract and seduce women.

PS: If you want to pay for women and sex do it right like HEF does get it all on a contract and protect yourself financially and then get 3 women as long as your paying why not? And if you do it in some of the less expensive countries around the world you could do it for what it cost you to live alone here in the US.

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A Nice Guy Asks “Why aren’t women attracted to me?”

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

I just got an email from a viewer of my videos. His situation is such a common one I decided to post my response here on my blog.

“My MySpace looks fun and attractive to me, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s all that matters. So far the only women who have sought me out through MySpace are those webcam whores who are looking for as many “friends” as possible to brag about to their real life peers and/or to steal my credit card info. No thanks. :P

My frustration comes out of me actually doing VERY WELL with women socially. I make them feel comfortable with me, I respect them and they respect me, I am a great conversationalist/listener, basically I’m what almost every woman I meet would consider a great guy. But the SECOND I make any sort of indication that I want to get personally involved, they freak out and never want to speak to me again. Apart from paying patronage to the bar/nightclub scene (a scene which I experimented with and felt completely out of my element), there’s not a lot that I’m doing different from more successful guys. I can make friends very easily, but I’m somehow unable to attract women the way my friends do.”


I am not one to bullshit and waste my time or yours. So I am going to give it to you straight. I can tell a lot by what you said in your e-mail without even seeing what you look like.

First of you said “My MySpace looks fun and attractive to me, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s all that matters. “ WRONG that’s not what matters. That’s a cop out! What matters is if it produces the results you desire period. And it’s not. Your opinion does not matter.

Your attitude is that you don’t care if it works so then stop complaining about it not working since you are obviously not open to trying something else. You can expect the same results you are getting now, forever, since you are unwilling to change.

You sound like someone that wants to lose weight but is not willing to stop eating a dozen donuts and sitting on the couch all day long everyday. Meaning if you want to change your life you have to “Change Your Life” Until your willing to do that expect the same results you are getting now.

Second, you are a typical nice guy. How do I know? Because I used to be one and was never more miserable in my life.

I can read it loud and clear when you say…

“My frustration comes out of me actually doing VERY WELL with women socially.”

Now let’s be honest here. You are doing terrible with women becuase you are not getting to a sexual level with them. Who cares if you have a bunch of women friends.

Are they doing anything for you? When was the last time one took you to dinner, brought you food when you were sick, helped you with something, set you up with a friend of theirs, invited you to a party? If you going to have women friends make sure they are earning their keep and doing something of real value in your life and being real friends and helping you to meet other women. If they are not then remove them from your life. And DON’T SPEND ANY MONEY ON THEM make them pay their own way. Or they see “NICE GUY – SUCKER” written all over your face every time they look at you.

I don’t believe in the PENIS TAX (Meaning you pay for women becuase your a man, that’s a con job women make stupid men fall for. And if a woman if uses that “A REAL MAN PAYS FOR WOMEN” manipulation tactic or calls you cheap don’t fall for it they are only out to use you for what ever they can get. If your not sleeping with her she should pay her own way, becuase after all you’re just friends right. My female friends (many of which I have had sex with in the past and now we are just friends) know they have to pull their weight and be real friends and pay their own way.

Often I make the girls I have sex with pay their own way or even take me to dinner sometimes and so do all of the men I know that are most successful with women. (Some of you men reading this are thinking this is bullshit that it can’t possibly be true that women take me to dinner. Let me tell you when a woman really likes you and wants you she will take you to dinner, all of my girlfriends I have ever had took me out to dinner at some point before they became my girlfriends, being amazing in bed also helps. The price of dinner is nothing to a woman who you just gave the best sex of her life) I also reciprocate and I am very thoughtful and generous once a woman has proven her loyalty, friendship and earned my trust through her actions, but that takes awhile and a lot on her part.

You also said “there’s not a lot that I’m doing different from more successful guys.”

Yes there is a lot you are doing different but it’s all very subtle and you are not seeing it, but the women are and it starts with your mindset and is reflecting in all of your actions.

I used to be the nice guy and sound just like you.

Your problem stems from…

1.The fact that you have no understanding of what women respond to. You are listening to what they say they want or advice from other women like your mother or sister or female friends. NEVER listen to advice from women about what women want in a man. Why? Because what women are sexually attracted to is unconscious to them so they will tell you what they consciously want and not what they are unconsciously attracted to. Which is NOT what they respond to.

In fact their intellect and ego will often prevent them from telling you what turns them on. Because no self respecting woman is going to come out and say “I like a man that puts me on an emotional roller coaster and makes me feel insecure, and puts me in my place.” Yet that is exactly the guys they date.

I spent years developing myself into what I mistakenly thought women wanted based on what they say they want. I was intelligent, I was good in bed, I was honest, I respected them, I was a Gentleman, I was sensitive. I went 2 years without getting laid one time and over a year another time. None of those qualities matter to women in the realm of sexual attraction.

I was in a celibate hell in which I watched women I was attracted to have sex with pricks, assholes, jerks, that were selfish in bed and that did not give a shit about them while they flaked and snubbed me or just wanted to be my friend. And no one could tell me what was wrong with me, it was not my looks, or how I dressed. It was in my mind and in my actions and behavior.

2. You are not open to change. You want different results by doing the same actions and it’s never going to happen.


1. Learn The Psychology of Attraction and what women want and take action and apply it. (This Blog and newsletter will help.)

2. Change your beliefs about women, yourself and your ability to attract women and get sexual with them and then act accordingly.

If you want real help with your situation and want to make a real transformation I am available for private one-on-one coaching. Or you can just stay in your current situation for as long as you like. It makes no difference to me I really don’t need the money, but I like to help people that truly want to change their life.

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