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To the People that complain about paying for information, consulting and products.

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Every once in a while I get an email from someone that does not like to pay for information and and wants it all for free.

Here is my response to those people:
I have a free newsletter and two free reports which add up to well over 60 pages of free valuable and useful content.

As far as thinking I should give everything away for free.  This is my business and I provide quality information that will make a lasting and quality impact on men’s lives (much more than just about anything else they could ever buy) just as it has on mine.

But for me to take the time to research, make recordings, write books (which is one of the hardest things a person could ever do which is why you have to essentially write one to get your PhD and why authors are so respected) and do consulting I need to get paid. I am sure you understand that if you run a business. If not let me see how long you would go to work for free.

We are now in an era where many people don’t think should ever pay for anything digital whether it be music, books, movies, software etc. And they also feel it’s their duty to pirate and distribute everything they buy and make it free for everyone else. There are two reason they are like that…

1) They have never put their time, energy and heart into something that they have created themselves  and felt what it feels like to get it stolen from them and not get paid for their effort. They don’t even make music anymore they just rip off and sample tracks and assemble them. They don’t appreciate the time and dedication of the person that learned to play the instrument and create the original recording.

2) They also don’t realize that if we the creators of the products can not make a living and be rewarded for our creations, be it software, music, movies or instructional courses WE WILL STOP MAKING THEM!

That’s right keep on and on giving it all away share as much as you like, but when we stop making the ebooks, videos, audio courses, new films, the next versions of the software or the operating system,  and say go make it your self. See how you like that then! How well would your computer function without that OS?

These same people try to justify that all information should be free and don’t want to pay for information but they will gladly pay for alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, coffee, soft drinks,  and all manor of things that steal their life from them little by little, but pay for information that can help them go forward which is the greatest commodity known to man and the force behind all change, advancement and growth on this planet both personal and in advancement as a race, no they refuse to do that there’s no value there for them after all it’s only information.

Information is what made Bill Gates the Richest Man in the World at one time. Information is why Warren Buffet has now surpassed Bill Gates. Information is what has made Google a giant! Information is what allows doctors to save lives. Information is also what will allow you to become successful with women, build a successful business and live a long healthy life.

The hidden reason for charging for something. Often you can give someone a wealth of knowledge for free and they will do nothing with it. But if they pay a good amount for it, they feel the must get their monies worth and they apply it and get great rewards. I have personally experienced this when I took an expensive personal development course that I thought was silly at the time, but becuase I invested so much money into it I applied what I learned and it truly changed my life forever! If I had not put up my money I would have walked away from it and probably still be broke and miserable.

Another thing people don’t understand is when they pirate and distribute certain kinds of information such as Dating, Marketing, Domaining, Sports, Business etc. Anything that is a competitive field the are creating competitors for them self and why would you want to do that? Why would you want to give someone you don’t even know access to information that could allow them to compete and to do better than you and for free at that. I just don’t get that.

When I am emailing women online or approaching women in the real world the last thing I want is to give every other guy around the same information that I have and the same advantage that I have there by removing my advantage. And the same goes in marketing.

Yes I’ll sell it to them but I am not going to give it out for free. I would be a moron to give up my advantage in business or dating for free. Yeah I like to help people but not to my detriment.

You are welcome to your opinion but I value information and I personally own over 1,000 books (about a $25-$30K investment) and at least $20K in courses of all manor. I have benefited greatly from them and it is my hopes to distill down the information that I found worthwhile mixed with my personal insights and experience into affordable products that other people can benefit from without taking 25 years of their life of study and the $50,000 I spent to acquire it. To me if someone could have taught me what took me 25 years and $50,000 to learn I would eagerly pay them $1000-$2000 and be very grateful for the opportunity to get it.
You are however welcome to take advantage of all my free offerings and never buy anything from me if you like.

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