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Responce to a myspace blog post “For every girl that has a broken heart”

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

I wrote an blog post on my myspace blog (See Below) and one of my student came up with some really great questions that I decided I would also share the answers 2 on here.

The Blog Post:
For every girl that has a broken heart...

For every girl that has a broken heart…over some lying, cheating, jerk that treated her like crap. There are 10 nice guys that are heart broken because they have never even been given a chance, because they are invisible, because they are too nice.

Women have the power to change the world and make it a better place but they don’t do it. If women would not have sex with men that are thugs, gangsters, crooks, unethical, and dishonest. Those men would either die out or change their ways.

But women don’t do that in fact many women get into relationships with men in prison or repeat offenders as soon as the get on death row. They run back to those that abuse them.

A convicted wife beater once said “Women are like dogs the more you beat them the more they love you!”

Yet most smart, nice, honest, guys can’t get laid to save their life. Unless they make it big and get rich or famous. Will it ever change?

His Question:

An interesting question, Nico, but here is another one; You, Nico, you seem to get a lot of attention from women… and I know that you are not ’some lying, cheating, jerk that treated her like crap’. You would not do that. So is it safe to assume that you are ‘rich or famous’?

Also I don’t believe in that ‘dogs/women love you more when you beat them theory’. I respectfully disagree with that ‘convicted wife beater’… I have come across some legal reports where battered wives set their husbands on fire while they were asleep as an act of revenge. I don’t think being violent is the best way to get unconditional love from your woman (or your dog). lol.

My answer:

Those are some very good questions…You lawyers always seem to come up with some good ones…lol

1. While I’m not Rich & Famous (but working on it…lol) I’m not poor and in some social circles I am fairly recognizable.

2. I also don’t condone the abuse or beating of women, dogs (or any other animal) or even other men unless in self-defense. And in extreme cases where the abuse is very bad or over a very long period of time they often turn on the person and attack back, both women and dogs. But the fact remains women do run back to abusive men over and over again.

So how is it that according to what I have said above that I attract women?

Those Abusive Men and Jerks also have some other good qualities that women are attracted to such as…

Taking charge, Confidence, standing their ground, putting her in her place when she gets out of line, and high inner status a sense of humor, very sexually aggressive, all of which are classic alpha male qualities. I assume most also have a soft side as well.

Well I also have those traits albeit I worked hard to develop many of them as I was raised without a father figure, most of my life. I just don’t have the abusive or violent side.

So a man like me is what most of those women are really looking for as far as qualities go (looks on the other hand are subjective, I may or may not be physically attractive depending on the woman image of what she deems attractive) As those women generally are not looking to be abused (some however are or have a subconscious pattern than makes them seek abuse over and over again.)

But when I was younger and stupid I used to punch holes in walls, throw cell phones at the ground and break shit (always my own stuff) until I realized that it was costing me too much money and grew up.

But some women like that stupid shit, well let’s not say they actually like it, but it does give them something to talk about with all of their girlfriends and keep you in their mind all day…lol It also keeps them wondering “What crazy stupid thing is he going to do next!” As opposed to the boring smart, even tempered nice guy who is predictable and did I mention boring.

Drama equals excitement for some people. Why did I do it because I felt I need to show someone how upset I was. Yes it was immature, and stupid but you know what I never had a girl leave me for it. It provides a emotional roller coaster that they most often are more than happy to ride.

Think about it women love to watch soaps (Drama), read romance novels (Drama), talk about their friends problems (Drama). Most of them are basically Drama junkies and nice guys are to boring.

So to some it up I have many of the Alpha Male traits. I’m not boring because of my lifestyle, have social proof and I have the soft side as well.

Does that mean all women will be attracted to me. No, the women that are truly attracted to hardcore abusive men that look like white trash, thugs will not be into me. And the gold diggers looking for a free ride also not find much here as I am not out to buy anyone.

Smart women generally love me because unlike most of the guys they are attracted to physically I can talk about things other than, bands, trucks, and extreme sports and actually like to hear what they have to say. The only problems is most really hot women are not that smart because everyone let’s them slide by on their looks so they have no reason to develop their mind.

The thing that still amazes me is women that are attracted to men that look, like white trash, act like what trash, talk like white trash, start fights or has a history of hitting women. And then they are surprised when they get hit or beaten Or maybe it’s the excitement and drama wondering “Is he going to hit me?”

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