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He Found Some Template Online Dating Emails!

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

Martin Wrote:

“I read your free manual and found some useful tips that hopefully will carry fruit soon. I must tell you I found a page with examples of first contact suggestions which I used with only minimal adjustments. My replies almost doubled which is both interesting and disappointing. Are women really this simple, or is it only about standing out from the crowd long enough to get a foot in the door?”

Hi Martin,

Dating and women are very simple we tend to just get in our own way most of the time. As many successful men know making a woman laugh is one of the most powerful tools in the dating game for men. If you are confident and funny. You get the girl most of the time. This an over simplification but for the most part true.

As far as using the template emails you found online.

The reason those may have worked is they show creativity, a lack of desperation and humor, which is the opposite of what most men on most sites are doing. I personally feel they are a bit too cheesy and they  will not work on all sites, or on all women, especially on social networking sites.

However if the they are getting you more responses, good for you! And yes women and the attraction process are really that simple to a point as far as getting her attention. Unfortunately there are a ton of things you can do from that point that will kill the deal as many men have discovered.

The problem with using ANYONE ELSE’S EMAILS. Is while is may get your foot in the door, the door will most likely get slammed on your foot and in your face when you meet in person. This is when you find out that she is NOT as simple as you thought and her B.S. detector tells her something is off. That you don’t quite match up to your email.


  1. Yes the email may have worked but what about the second email, and the third, who is going to write those for you?
  2. It’s not congruent with who you are in person.
  3. When you meet in person she is going to expect to see the same level of humor, and creativity, If you don’t show it, your toast!
  4. It won’t be long before men all of the world are using those very same emails and they get busted instantly.

That’s just my take on using other people emails, which is why I teach men how to write their own emails that work. You also have to find a balance that matches your style, personality and profile. I personally could not use a cheesy email. I have a friend that could as he is a cheesy person…lol

There are 3 kinds of men out there:

  1. Those that want the quick fix i.e. a pick up line, a email template, magic powers of hypnosis (which is anything but quick to learn), someone to do all of the work for them.
  2. Those that are actually successful with women. The funny part is for many of the successful men it’s really a totally effortless process. It’s just part of who the are. These are the naturals.
  3. Those men that have studied and improved themselves but have gotten past relying on the gimmicks, canned openers and pickup techniques and found out what they really needed and made it part of them or should I say discovered it was part if them all along and they became naturals.

All of what I teach is aimed at helping men becoming a natural both on and offline.

I hope this helps and as always you success is my goal.

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Do women give good dating advice to men?

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

In my opinion and from what I have seen women in general give men that worst dating advice.

Of the female authors that teach men that I have seen and they all give terrible advice.  Some do better than others but still leave out the most important aspects of attraction. The reason is the same
reason almost all women give bad advice to men regarding dating and it practically useless unless the man learns how to filter though it and absorb what is useful.

You’re thinking right now that makes no sense who would know more about what a woman wants than a woman. The problems is what a  woman wants and what she RESPONDS TO are usually to entirely different things (welcome to natures cruel joke on us) and she is not attracted by what she wants or all women would be dating nice guys that treat them well instead of jerks that treat them like crap.

The process of attraction is largely an unconscious process for most women, so they don’t even know what is causing the attraction (unless they have spent some time really investigating it in their mind) It just happens.

Most often most women choose the later of the two. For many reasons I won’t go into now. Which is also why I want to do a product for women that will tell them the truth and what they need to hear about men and why they also choose the wrong men and how to break that cycle.

For men it is a similar process but we are attracted more by what we see and by what she looks like than qualities so when we see a women we find attractive it is also somewhat unconscious but because it’s largely visible we can identify it easily by looking at the physical similarities between the women we are attracted to.

For example let’s see… the last 5 women I thought were attractive had, nice full lips, long dark or blonde hair and big breasts with a tan and nice round ass. So you can see what I am attracted to.  But with women it’s often qualities a man possesses that she is attracted to so it’s not as easy to tell just by looking at the men.

But back to women giving advice. Most of the time they tell me what they want in a man, which is not what attracts women, or creates attraction. If you are a woman think back at what you want in a man and then think about all of the guys you’ve dated. How many match that, then think about all of the nice guys that actually treated you will be just did not turn you on, or you just weren’t that into them.

They never even got a chance. If you are a man reading this just observe the women you know the women you have desired and look at who they have dated and, how they have been treated, and how it was different from what they said they wanted, yet they kept running back to him.  While they cried on your shoulder.

How ever there is some advice women give that is very good such as fashion, makeovers, often sexual advice about how to please a women is good, but I have found for the most part dating advice that women give does not work. I teach men that “What a woman wants and what she responds to are usually two entirely different things” which is the reason why most men are confused and don’t understand why when they do what she says she wants she still is not attracted to him.

I don’t know if you have read many romance novels but the story’s are not about nice men treating women with love and respect. They are about bad boys that are often mean, untamed, makes her cry and is very sexual and she has to win him over.  But it’s not politically correct for woman to say I want a bad boy that will treat me like dirt, put me on a emotional roller coaster,  give me the challenge to win his heart, and find his good side and oh yeah and I want to him to throw me on the bed dominate me and F#$% my brains out like he just got out of jail also!

So they give crappy politically correct treat women with respect, buy her flowers, tell her she pretty, and make her feel loved B.S. advice. That actually turns the woman off if she has not earned that treatment
and then she goes out looking for the bad boy again. Only after having her heart broken and usually in her late 30’s does she start to give nice guys a chance, generally becuase the bad boy are not interested in her any more and she has gained a few pounds. What a reward for being a nice guy. :o )

I also don’t believe any woman is going to tell men how to get the upper hand in a relationship or over a woman (even though unconsciously they crave the man to be dominant.) They know they have most men brainwashed and controlled and I don’t think they want to lose the power in the dating arena. Because as it stands now, we have to do all of the work, deal with the rejection, pay for the dates and play by their rules and time table…unless we choose to take the red pill and wake up from the Matrix of Bullshit! (Do you want to take the red pill I have a few left!)

Men on the other hand are very simple in their motivations and desires when it comes to women. Feed us, boost our ego and have sex with us, and keep yourself looking good and were pretty much happy.

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Do beautiful women think differently?

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

I’m about to do an interview with very beautiful woman that is a good friend of mine and I sent out an email to my list asking “What question would you like to ask a beautiful woman?”

One of the replies I received back was actually from a woman stating…

what makes you think that beautiful women think differently?”

So I thought I’d answer that here on my blog for all to see and to get some insight on why beautiful women think differently.

“Hi Elaine,

Thank you for your question…

Being that I know, have known and dated a number of beautiful women and I also have friends that are not as beautiful I know that beautiful women think differently becuase their reality is different from average looking women.

People treat the special based solely on their looks. They get into clubs faster often with no wait at all. They get hired as bartenders with almost no experience when a qualified man has to bar back for up to 2 years first and they get cut last when layoffs come around (at least in Vegas).

NOTE: I don’t want to make this about the special treatment women get over men that’s a whole other story and all women and men should read The Myth of Male Power. Women will see what it’s like to be a man and men will wake up from the lie we have been sold.

If you have ever seen the shows on TV where they take average women and beautiful women and pretend to drop their groceries or their car breaks down. You see how every man comes to the beautiful woman’s rescue yet not the other woman.

The truth is most of them are not even deserving of it and are selfish, demanding, flaky and have nothing else to offer but their looks.  At least in my experience and the experience almost everyman I have talked to. But just the same they are given more opportunities than the average man or women.

Most men are intimidated by beautiful women and are afraid of them especially nice guys. Which why very attractive women often end up with total assholes as boyfriends as they are usually the only men that have the balls to approach and talk to them and not kiss their ass like everyone else.

Many skate through life by relying on their looks alone and have spent little if any time to develop themselves spiritually (and I’m not talking about religion) or develop their personality and to many a book is to them like cryptonite is to superman.  One reason is that they are generally bombarded with social offers from age 16 on continuously and are almost never single for any length of time.

They just never needed to have anything but looks so they never bothered. I mean I’m sure I would not have spent nearly as much time developing myself personally if since the age of 16 I was constantly asked out and offered sex by almost every attractive woman I met. How would I have had the time and why would I care I’d be having so much fun. But I also would not be the well rounded intelligent person I was today, so there is the downside. In fairness there are tons of good looking shallow men as well, but they can’t get away with it like women can. Men are required to have a brain or both men and women look down on them.

A lot of women are jealous of beautiful women as well and often trying to compete with them. So you see their  reality is NOT one of the average women and when your reality is that different your thinking MUST be different. Just as Rich person thinks much differently from a poor person, and great athletes think differently than couch potatoes, in almost every aspect of their lives other than the core human desires of survival, wanting connection and love etc…

By your email address I’m guessing you’re a model and you are attractive. If so then you have no idea what I am talking about becuase it is your natural reality and you think it’s also everyone else’s but it’s not. And unless you have been less attractive in the past you have no point of reference or contrasting experience to understand it by.

That’s why some of the coolest women I have met were ugly ducklings that became beautiful swans. That experience gave them compassion for others, and appreciation & gratitude for what they now have, and also time to develop themselves on the inside as they grew into their beauty.

The saddest case is the woman that has been beautiful all of her life and never needed  nor took the time to develop her inner self or personality, often rude and demanding, with a huge ego. When her looks start to fade and there is nothing on the inside she has no value to anyone at all, as who wants to be with a shallow, selfish, demanding, ego maniac that not all that hot anymore. After all she was really only good for one thing and sometimes not even good at that. ;o)

Anyway I am going to be interviewing some very attractive women starting with a friend of mine that does have a heart of gold and is not only a very beautiful women model but also a mother of 2 sons.

I hope this answers your question.

PS: To those few rare women that are beautiful both on the inside and out I salute you and thank you as you make the world a better place and truly inspire us as men to be better ourselves.

PPS: When I speak of beauty, beauty is in the eye of the boholder, however what I am talking about in this article is the general concenus of what is considered beautiful in the American Culture where I live. How ever no matter if you are in a tribe in africa where being fat with bones in your nose or in the moutains of the amazon were certain marking are considered more attractive, if you are considered beautiful what I said applies.

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