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An Attack on my Spelling & Grammar…lol

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

WARNING: There maybe spelling or grammatical errors on this page if you are offended by such abuses of the English language…Don’t Read It! (Kiss My Ass Instead!)

I just received an email from some guy telling me that I need to go t

o school before I call myself a writer. I am the first to admit that I am not that great at spelling or grammar, but rather than to let that hold me back in life I chose not to.  Because I see the bigger picture. If you really think that stuff matters and that it determines how far you will go in life. Just look at our last president…lol He could barely speak in front of an audience! (But he still was better at public speaking than most of the people that criticize him, public speaking is one of the biggest fears of most people)

So I had a few choices on how to deal with this email I received:

  1. I could just delete it because really who cares. I only care about the content and that my customers are happy and since I have not released my product yet for this site, he is bitching & whining about stuff that I am giving away for free. Some people might say “he’s an ungrateful prick” and that you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. (That expression comes from the fact that when you buy a horse you should always check their mouth and teeth and dental health, but if someone is giving you a horse it’s rude)
  2. I could have used a sarcastic retort approach and emailed back something like…”You are obviously an anal retentive moron, that’s not getting laid enough (and this kind of behavior is why. Because no woman wants some whiny nitpicker around her, picking her apart), I still get laid more and make more money than you with my bad grammar & spelling and always will” But really that ’s not helping anyone.
  3. I could have written an email back to him attempting to point out his short sided, narrow minded, superficial perception stemming from the beliefs “That good grammar is a mark of intelligence” and that “You must have perfect grammar and spelling to be a writer” Neither of which I subscribe to.
  4. I chose option number 4 to take the letter I did write him and share it with the world so that all that read it can learn from both my mistakes of not using perfect grammar & spelling (Yes I would serve myself and my readers better to improve my grammar I completely admit that) and his mistake of not valuing content over syntax. So here is my reply below.

“I was going to just delete this email but what would you learn from that?

I’m a writer only as far as it’s a means to convey what I have to say. Writers write. Many writers don’t even do that because they have writers block. And if you have ever studied writing, self-editing in your head is one of the causes of writers block. I can always hire an analytical (anal retentive) person like yourself to clean up my work.

And most writers have editors, and proof readers that clean up their work. I know I bought an ebook from a man who’s books sold $30,000,000 it was filled with errors because he did not take the time to have it edited. I expected more from him as he is a professional writer published by very large publishing houses but what I learned was it was the publishing house that cleans up his work, not him, and it made him no less a writer.

Publishing houses are filled with editors and proof readers making a fraction per year of the big authors who’s work they are cleaning up and correcting. Some of the biggest authors around dictate these days and let others put it together.

My last books sold over 15,000 copies and made me hundreds of thousands of dollars (because I self-publish) and are filled with errors. The important part though is that while I got a hand full of people like yourself complaining, I have thousands of satisfied customers & testimonials of changed lives.

But according to you I should fold up shop because my grammar and spelling is not up to your expectations. I think I’ll  value the opinion of my happy customers and the readers that thank me for what I do as opposed to some overly anal person that’s has nothing better to do in their own life than  email out unsolicited insults. Thank you.

However because I respect my customers I do the best to clean them up now without changing my conversational writing style. So I do have my new books lightly edited and proofread as I strive to continually improve my products and deliver the best products I can. My emails I do not have edited by someone else. I probably should.

I really don’t want customers like you that complain and whine about little things and really just don’t get the big picture. Clearly if you take the time to email me and attack me Instead of seeing value in the information I am giving for FREE Or selling (I doubt you even watched the money video, that I have gotten so much positive feed back on)

You remind me of those people that write bad reviews about a video that is filled with great content, but the lighting was not all that great, and the titles were not flashy.

You have some issues you need to address. You are of the You tube/forum  mentality of “let’s rip on everyone and point out all flaws we possibly can.” So we can feel better about out own lives.

It’s  too bad that you feel the need to attack others so you can feel better about yourself and pump up your ego.

If you want to address someones flaws address your own, you can’t change me but maybe you can improve yourself, or learn from  my mistakes.

I prefer audio and video. At the end of the day all that matters to me is the results the information brings the people and that my customers are happy and since you are not a customer your opinion does not matter.

For every one person like you I get 10 thanking me for my efforts and information and how it has changed their lives. The fact that I can do what I have done and not have perfect grammar only inspires people that they can become successful, they can achieve their dreams with out a college degree, without being perfect, without the approval of people like yourself.

I know many a miserable person with an advanced degree and a ton of successful people that are happy that were high school or college dropouts. Education is important, but it’s not what makes you great, successful or gets you laid.

A few dropouts. Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, Bill Gates (Dropped out of Harvard), Mike Dell, Mark Zukerburg and the list goes on and on!

Einstein was notoriously bad a math and often had other people do his math for him. His imagination and knowledge was great.

Steven Hawkings another one of the greatest minds of our time, is disabled, he writes one letter at a time, he has others edit and proofread no doubt. Does that make him less of an author or a great man.

NEVER judge a person only on syntax but rather on content and NEVER let some jackass critic tell you are not good enough to do something! If the critics could do better they would be doing it not criticizing others for doing it.

I have removed you from my email list and blocked you from re-subscribing.

PS: I hope your little attack made you feel better about yourself, your life and your ability to use perfect grammar. BTW since this is a dating newsletter I should mention that, perfect grammar is often a detriment to getting laid. We are in a time that people speak and write with abbreviation, acronym and slang. Such as …WTF, LOL, BRB, etc…” I have never heard a woman say “Wow he can spell and has prefect grammar I want to have sex with him!”

Now I do want to say to all of the readers of this blog…

  1. That while I often forget to proof read my email. You should always proofread you emails before you send them to a woman you are trying to meet online. You don’t want her to think you are ignorant or lazy, just as this reader judged me.
  2. But more importantly match her style of writing. If she uses perfect grammar, use it when you write to her. If she uses casual writing or net speak or slang use it also. That will help to establish rapport!
  3. If she uses bad grammar DON’T be an anal retentive nerd/asshole  and point it out. It will turn her off! And you’ll just end up talking to yourself with your perfect grammar while masturbating alone like all of the other overly analytical uptight guys do!
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