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This Was a Product Launch Video untill She Flashed Her Boobs!

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

So I finally finish my book and the workbook is 90% done and I’m about to launch them as a new online dating home study course. So I call up Jackie and say let go hang out and shoot some video and I’m in the middle of my video and out of no where she flashes her tits!!! I totally lose my concentration as if driving stick, talking on camera weren’t enough with out having a nice big pair of boobs flashed in front of me. It was funny as hell I almost could not pull my self together from laughing. I had to edit out a part of it, you’ll see the cut. (Maybe I’ll do a blooper reel sometime)

This going blank is AKA known as an attraction trance. It’s the power attractive women have over men (and us of over them, but usually they respond by laughing) And it’s one reason men often can’t think of what to say when they see an attractive woman. It’s not fear in fact it feels good, and is fun in situations like in this video. But in approaching a new woman you need to be able to control it. In this situation she gave me a one-two punch, the flash followed by kissing me. So I was basically screwed…lol The positive side is that you can use this blank mind to clear out any fears and go primal and just act. I have done that before and because you are coming from such a pure centered place the women just respond.

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