The Lie Men Are Told “Show me a guy who won’t pick up the check and I’ll show you a coward.”

I could not believe it when it came out of a man’s mouth! It just goes to show you how badly the average man is brainwashed. By women,  society etc…

I was having conversation on face book actually on a the topic of Good and Evil and being selfish and selfless when the guy said “Show me a guy who won’t pick up the check and I’ll show you a coward.”

I’ll share with you my response to this utter bullshit that men have been brainwashed by, that makes us subservient to women, as opposed to the dominant men we are by nature.

My response…

“This one is PURE BULLSHIT  “I tell my girls “Show me a guy who won’t pick up the check and I’ll show you a coward.”

So you’re perpetuating the CON JOB that women have pulled over men’s eyes. Women after demanding equal rights not only have them but also still want special treatment. Women often make more than men, yet still expect men to pay their way. Any time a women wants to manipulate a man all she has to do is attack his ego…with “If you were a real man you’d do such and such for me” or “Only a coward would do such and such”

You my friend are stabbing your own fellow man in the back when you perpetuate that outdated, belief that women use to Con Men. You’re also sub-communicating that you are looking for their approval and are easily manipulated.

This an outdated load of B.S. that puts everything in their favor and sets it up for men to be taken advantage, used and manipulated. Sure 70 years ago it made since when women did not have as much power as they do today.

Today an attractive women can virtually live of men giving nothing in return like a parasite and still work while making a living and saving all of her money. Some women have several men they rely on to pay their bill and buy them stuff.  And dumb men allow it to happen thinking “They are REAL MEN”…Yeah “REAL DUMB MEN”

When that practice was useful 70 years ago and before at that time women respected men, honored men, and valued men. If you think that still the case you are delusional.

When I go out with my female friends they know to pay their way. They are not my girlfriend, I’m not having sex with them and I’m not paying their way. And they do not to try to pull that crap with me becuase I’m smarter than that. They also respect me and value you, invite me places and hook me up. I do the same for them. Often even the women I have sex with pay their way or take me out. Why not? Are they doing me a favor to have sex with me that I need to pay for? I think not! They get as much or more pleasure in many cases (as women can have multiple orgasms) as I do.

If you want to show them a coward look in the mirror right after you say that B.S. line. Because what you are really saying when you pay their way just becuase they are female is “I don’t have the balls to respect and value myself first, I’m putting you on a pedestal, and you have more value than me and I’m looking for your approval becuase I’d rather pay than be alone.” In short I value you more than I value myself.

Women love to Scream Equal Rights and Feminist until the Check come…what a lot of crap! Then they shut up and see who is the sucker!

Women string men along like that for years, few women have the decency to say “I’m not really interested in you so I’ll pay my way, becuase it’s not fair for you to pay for me when you’re getting nothing in return.” Or ” You know you pay all of the time it’s my turn tonight”

Now if they are reciprocal and hook you up with other women, jobs, tickets, shows, contacts or are there for you then sure pay their way. But when it’s all take and no given your not being a REAL MAN you’re being fool. Ask any of those women you are pickup the check for for “Personal loan” or Real favor and see how many will come to your aid.

And if you want to call me a coward for not offering to pay the way for a woman that I’m not sleeping with/dating or that is not providing real value in my life fine…I know better than that as I have saved a man from his house burning down, saved a women from a masked rapist in her apartment, and jump out a car where I was safe and then got the crap beat out of me to save a good friend from a gang when all of his other friends just stood there and watched.

What you cowardliness I call self-respect. And have had women take me out to dinner many times, do things for me to show me they value me. I’m a REAL MAN and I expect RESPECT, HONOR and to BE VALUED.

Now when a woman has proven to me that she is of value and worthy of what I have to give I’m very generous as any of my Ex-GF can and will attest.

I can see our thinking is radically different and I have work to do so I’ll end this here with “I agree to disagree”

I think I use my response on my blog, so thanks for the inspiration.

PS: If you are just loaded with money and want to give to every one all of the time. That’s a different story…If I had $100,000,000 I’d be walking down the street giving away  $100 bills randomly daily. But I still would not want to be taken advantage of.”

That’s the end of my response. One thing I would ad is don;t ask women about this or talk to them about it of course they are going to disagree becuase they don’t want to lose their power over men. But the fact is that I myself and a ton of men  that I know who have sex with very attractive women do it without spending hardly any money at times. Because attraction is not based on spending money attraction has been around since before money was invented.

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