The Pickup Women Online – Online Dating Home Study Course is Done!

If you have been on my mailing list for any length of time you know that I have been working on my Home Study Course for quite a while. And that it focuses on meeting and picking up women on social networking sites like Myspace, Facebook, Bebo, and basically any social networking site you might use now or in the future.

Whether or not you’re a brand spanking new subscriber to my newsletter or one of the tens of thousands of men that heard me in my David DeAngelo interview (who have been anxiously waiting for me to finish this Home Study Course) I’m elated to tell you…No, scratch that I’m F—ing Bouncing Off The Walls and Floating Up in the Air like Mother F—ing Mary Poppins I’m so Happy to say that it’s FINALLY finished!

Why? Because it’s been one of the hardest and longest projects I have ever worked on in my life! And I can release it to all of the men that have been asking for it and have been in need of it for a long time.

I’m also very proud because I feel that it’s some of the most tremendous work I have ever done in my life! You see, I’m not a professional writer and I’m not going to impress anyone with my writing skills or grammar but I know that I’m going to change lives forever with the secrets and knowledge that I share in this course. In fact it already has…keep an eye out for the video feedback that I’m going send you in a day or so from several of my one-one-one coaching clients.)

This course took several years of being “up until the crack of dawn research” (fortunately some of that research included getting laid! :o ) and experience in my own online dating life going from CMF (confused miserable failure) at online dating to effortlessly successful player.

It also includes information I learned from a number of other Super-Successful Online Players who have been very generous in sharing their secrets to outrageous Point & Click pickup success with me.

I am very grateful to have been able to talk to, interview and model my own success after many of those men and now you will be able to model your success after all of us. I’m also very grateful to all of my friends that supported me in this effort and to my friend Nicole (who I met on Myspace and dated for 3 years) who helped edit my book and clean up my murderous use of the English language! Of course I went back in and screwed much of it up again…lol

This Course is Jam-Packed with a ton of information and will teach you all of the Secrets (that most men won’t share and in fact will sneakily hide from you) that you need to know to meet, pickup, date and hookup with Hot Women on online and on social networking sites!

It will not only dramatically improve your online game but will also put you onto the FAST TRACK to become a magnetically attractive man naturally no matter where or how you meet women or in any situation when you apply what you learn in this course because a major part of this course is “The Psychology of Attraction” and “The Psychology of Un-Attraction” I even include a Quick Start Guide on “Inner Game” and how to overwrite limiting beliefs and program yourself for success with women.

I’m going to be releasing it for sale before the end of this month so (yes in the next 6 days) come hell or high water and I’ll be in contact over the next few days answering questions, going into detail on what exactly is in the course and telling you about the Fast Action Bonuses I’m giving out the first 100 People that buy the new course.

Also I have tried to make it as affordable as possible by making several different packages of the course available depending budget, course options and personal coaching from me.

I’ll be filling you in on all of this before Friday! In the meantime here’s a Sneak peek spy photo below of one of the top level packages. There are two packages below this level and one above all to be explained very soon.

PS: Make sure you’re on my email list or subscribed to this blog and check your RSS feeds as this course will be released Friday January 29th 2010 at 12:00 Noon Pacific Standard Time!

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