After a break up, how long should you wait to get serious with somebody new?

This is a response to a question my face book friend Brent posted. I thought I’d post it here also.

“It all depends on where you are in your  life and what you want. I find that often it’s best to take some time alone or single especially if you are one of those people that have never been alone or jump from relationship to relationship as most very attractive women do because it’s so easy. A lot of women don’t leave one man until the have another lined up. I see the less in men.

People that are never single and never spend any time alone really don’t have a relationship with their self or even know themselves well. When you don’t know yourself or have a quality relationship with yourself how can you ever expect to really  have quality relationship with another person.

People also need to wake up from the LIE we are sold that we need someone else to complete us. We must find that inner peach and feel completed  and happy our own then we will attract others to us that also feel that way.

Relationships are Mirrors that show us aspects of our self and also reflect back to us what we judge harshly in others. So you really need to asses what you have learned from the relationship about yourself, your actions, reactions, and also what you have discovered that you are attracting in others and what you want and do not want in a future partner and relationship.

Without that you’re pretty much going to attract the same thing and often make the very same mistakes as you did last time.

Now if you’re just dating and there are really just seeing someone for a month you should still learn about what you want and don’t and your actions and reactions. But you don’t need a cooling off period that’s as long or even one at all.

BTW you can apply this way of thinking to your entire life, your job, family, sports, a conflict with a random person. This is the way I live everyday.

Asking how I attracted a situation, where my actions the best I could have taken and what would I prefer in the future.”

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