Meeting and Picking up girls online with your webcam…

If you haven’t noticed everything is all about video these days. More and more people have webcams now that almost all laptops and most desktops ship with built in webcams. So it only natural that people are webcamming (not sure if that’s a word or not but I’m going to use it anyway) much more frequently. In my home study course I talk about meeting women and getting them to go on cam with you.

But now you can actually meet them on cam so that you can start  off with greater impact and make an emotional connection right from the start! It’s awesome!

Also there is no awkwardness or weirdness asking her to go on cam. Because she’s not going to think you’re a perv trying to get her to get on cam to get naked because she is already on cam and in an virtual environment where being on cam is completely normal and everyone is doing it including her!

One of the fastest growing places for meeting women on cam is WooMe.

I signed up the months ago but honestly have not been very active. But I’m about to change all of that and start getting active on there now that I have a bit more free time. It’s really a lot of fun. And I have seen quite a few hot girls on there at least in my area!

I suggest that you go sign up for a free account and try it out. And please you this link below because you are helping to support this newsletter when you do and I really appreciate it. Visit WooMe Now!

When you login you will have to create a profile, upload load picture, etc…  just like on all other social sites. So you need to know how to construct a quality profile and the best pictures to upload. If you know how to do that you’re good to go but if you don’t  I cover both in depth in my Home Study Course.

Now a few tips for you…

  1. When you’re meeting women on cam you the rules of attraction DO NOT CHANGE, you still need to present yourself as an attractive man and display the Alpha Male qualities.
  2. Above all you can’t be dull or boring, you only have a couple of minutes to make a good first impression.
  3. Have fun and show your personality…no one wants to sit there and look at  someone that can’t think of anything to say.
  4. Ask her questions about herself, her surroundings, her pets, her interests on her profile.
  5. Click here now and go sign up for a free trial and try it out!

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So if you want to have a summer to remember rather than the same old, same old…Stop putting it off and do the right thing and get the course and use it…and don’t give me  that money excuse…please it’s less than .27 a day of for a year*!

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That’s all for today…I’ll see you soon!

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