Who is Mr.X?

I am the author of 2 e-books on Sexual Performance and one on Dating with more on the way. I have been involved in the study of dating, pickup and seduction techniques for the last 10 years and with online dating for the last 5 years.

I have had great success in the online dating arena (met and dated many great women that I have met online) to the point of it becoming my preferred choice for meeting new women. I now meet 90% of the women I date and hook up with online, and though I have not found the girl of my dreams yet I feel my chances of finding her are much greater online than off. I am now ready to share my secrets of how to meet and pickup women online on my new site Pickupwomenonline.com

Links to my other e-books:

My “Penis of Steel Manual” covers REAL penis enlargement, ejaculatory control, thrusting techniques and more! It is the ebook that I wish I was given a month before I became sexually active and I feel that every man should have knowledge contain in it.

I have always been fascinated by female ejaculation since the first time I saw it. I set out to find a woman that could do that, but what I found was that any woman can ejaculate when you learn how to give her ejaculatory orgasms. I then wrote my e-book “The FE Manual” on exactly how to do that and much more!

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