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The Top Internet Dating Scams You Should Look Out For…

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

The Top Internet Dating Scams You Should Look Out For.

Ok, I have run into several dating scams over the last couple of weeks and while as a seasoned veteran of online dating I was not sucked into any of them, I am sure a lot of newbies do fall prey to these scams. So my goal here is to educate and inform you so you can avoid them.

I have already covered how to spot a fake so I am not going to cover that here but instead I am going to cover other scams that cost you money or the scammer profits from at your expense one way or another.

SCAM #1 The “Help me I need can’t pay my rent!” Scam!

Ok a very attractive woman on my friends list on myspace that I had talked to once or twice in the past about a year ago sent me this e-mail.


“I know its rude to ask but I am hurting financially after the holidays. Is there any way I could borrow from you and pay you back in a week? I only need like $40.00 bucks to top off my rent before Tuesday. I promise to give it back the following Monday. If there is anything else I can do to show my appreciation I will. Let me know if you can help me out.

(Name Censored)

Now had never had this happen before so I played along so I could see where this was going and replied…

“Have we ever met?

And how many people did you ask this?

How would I get the money to you?”


“It has been a long long time but yeah we met back when ICE was open. I bartended there. I asked about a dozen friends on my list but apparently they seem to be fair weather friends or guys that just want in my pants and nothing more. If you could do a bank transfer tomorrow I can get it back to you by the weekend and maybe take you for lunch to show my appreciation.”

Right here I knew it was a scam because of the “Bank Transfer” so I replied…

“You don’t have any close personal friends (in person friends) that you can ask?

There would be no point in doing a bank transfer because there is a $10.00 to $20 wire fee on both sides.

To be completely honest this sounds like a scam, like someone hacked into some girls account and is trying to scam her friends list. This kind of stuff is very common on the net these days. I doubt you will find anyone that you do not know personally to help you out.

If you are 100% for real and want to meet in person (So I can see you are 100% for real) and $40.00 is all that stands in your way from being kicked out of your apartment. I’ll help you out. I am not rich and it’s tight for me right now also, but I think I can spare $40.00. Maybe you can loan me some DVD’s or something till you pay me back.”

That put an end to that and I never heard back from the scammer. Now this was probably someone that had phished her account (using a fake myspace login page to get her account information) and was now working her friends list for money. If the girl had been real and in need she would have taken me up on my offer to meet me in person as she is local to me. So watch out for any women asking you for money online and even if they are real why would you give them any money if you don’t even know them.

Also most of the time if you loan a woman money even if you know her you will never get it back. Women pull this shit on men all of the time. Also don’t loan your jackets or clothes to women because often they keep it. They collect it and keep it like trophies of how well they can manipulate men. Of course this does not apply to REAL friends or your girlfriend if you have one well actually come to think of it you usually don’t get any money back from your girlfriend either…lol

SCAM #2 A More Personal Approach

This one actually happened to me on Hot or Not just recently. This is a new twist on the fake profile. We have all seen the fake profiles where you e-mail them and then they e-mail you back asking you to contact them on some other site where their nude pictures are or where they have a profile.

They have a profile where you are right now so there is no reason to talk to them on some other site. Now talking to them on yahoo or some other messenger actually is good sometimes and I actually recommend it so you can have an uninterrupted conversation or even go cam to cam and some women will ask you to chat on a messenger, but usually you will have to ask them first.

This is how the scam works…

You get an e-mail like the one below from a very attractive woman (usually with only one picture.)

“Hello! Nico babe just wanted to say hi and i liked ur profile!If u wanna know more about me im on looking foward to hearing from u”

So then you add them and this is what the chat went like…

Me: (1/15/2008 2:55:02 AM): hey

Scamming Asshole: (1/15/2008 2:55:05 AM): hey whatsup

Me: (1/15/2008 2:55:29 AM): Just got back from a party how about you?

Scamming Asshole: (1/15/2008 2:55:39 AM): ya im a little bored have off of work today

Me: (1/15/2008 2:55:56 AM): Where are you located?

Scamming Asshole: (1/15/2008 2:56:02 AM): i work for a fashion design company

Me: (1/15/2008 2:56:42 AM): That’s not what I asked?

Scamming Asshole: (1/15/2008 2:56:49 AM): about to go on cam

As soon as she said “about to go on cam” I knew it was a scam. And she is not even directly responding to my questions, just cutting and pasting a script it seems like. But I thought I’d play along.

Me: (1/15/2008 2:57:13 AM): ok

Scamming Asshole: (1/15/2008 2:57:34 AM): im entered in a fashion and talent contest and figured well chat there as your rating means alot to me

WTF? She already is telling me she wants something from me.

Me: (1/15/2008 2:58:07 AM): where?

Scamming Asshole: (1/15/2008 2:58:19 AM): k what color thongs u think black or pink? im tryin to decidelol

At this point I whipped it out and started stroking it. NOT!!! She just confirmed my suspicion that it was a scam. But I thought I’d play along.

Me: (1/15/2008 2:58:30 AM): black

Scamming Asshole: (1/15/2008 2:58:40 AM): k lol k ill put them on for you

Me: (1/15/2008 2:59:59 AM): ok

Scamming Asshole: (1/15/2008 3:00:24 AM): just tell me when you see the secret code box i’ll set you up, plz dont give the code out to anyone plz babe

Ok I know it’s a cam for sure at this point.

Me: (1/15/2008 3:01:26 AM): And your point is?

Scamming Asshole: (1/15/2008 3:01:54 AM): k thnx,put in adminpass09 in secret code box then on the next page it should say ur charge is $0.00, let me know when ur on the second page

Me: (1/15/2008 3:02:36 AM): Being that I just got back from INTERNEXT and I send traffic to cam sites that pay me $45 – $100 a sign up. I’ll pass.

Me: (1/15/2008 3:02:58 AM): I don’t have time for this scam.

Scamming Asshole: (1/15/2008 3:03:25 AM): u just need cc to verify age u can use expired one if u want dosnt matter, just make sure u uncheck the black box on the bottom so it automatically cancels out after 2 days.let me know when ur in so i can show u where im at on my cam

Ok so you can see they are not even reading what I am saying I told them I also send traffic to cam sites (but I do it ethically I don’t deceive people and waste their time.)

Me: (1/15/2008 3:03:42 AM): What are you in india cuting and pasting

Scamming Asshole: (1/15/2008 3:03:53 AM): let me know when u login babe k?

Me: (1/15/2008 3:04:00 AM): Get Lost

Scamming Asshole: (1/15/2008 3:04:09 AM): brb 1sec gotta restart cam u commin?

I logged out and deleted her/him/it from my list and reported the profile to Hot or Not. You should always report these kinds of profiles so the site can clean up the system.

The funny thing is I got another e-mail from another girl with a different picture and different yahoo messenger account, but the same name and a telling me she is into fashion design also about 5 minutes later. Obviously they are using the same scripts. And they target people that they can see are online.

Don’t fall for this crap. If you want to sign up for a cam girl chat I’ll give you some links to the best web cam sites on the web and you aren’t charged unless you want a private chat.

But don’t fall for these scams or ever buy anything that you find out about from a fake profile because you will only encourage them to keep doing it.

Even if you want what they offer don’t go through their link. This also applies to spam never buy anything from unsolicited spam that you did not subscribe to.

SCAM #3 The Revenge Scam.

Several years ago when I first got started in this online dating thing I was much more gullible and got scammed by someone’s revenge scam.

I met some girl (fake) on some site I can’t remember it now we talked and she said she wanted to hook up. Told me her address and how to get there sent me a bunch of pictures.

But she said her phone didn’t work so I was a bit skeptical, but I have hooked up with girls I met online without ever talking on the phone so I thought I’d give it a shot I was bored anyway.

So I drive to her apartment (at like 3:30 am) which was in an area I did not know so it took me a while to find it. I part walk up to the door so there is a big sign in the window that says “If you are from the internet, you got scammed, someone is harassing me and sending people to my house, I have notified the police, DO NOT KNOCK.”

I realized I just got scammed and by the looks of it so have a lot of other men or that sign would not have been there. I then went home and the scammer was still on the messenger and asked if I was coming or not. I decided not to let this scamming loser with no life have the satisfaction. I told them the pics weren’t mine and that I was a fake…lol and that I was 14 know I would not be coming. I bet they felt just as stupid as I did.

Here are a few rules to help you avoid scams:

  1. If she does not have a phone to talk on she might be fake, but not always.

  2. Always meet her at a public location for her and your safety unless you have been talking to her for a really long time and seen her on cam.

  3. Meet her in normal times of day or evening a real woman is not going to invite you over at 3:00 am after talking to you for only 30 minutes. She might meet you somewhere but she’s not going to invite you over. The one exception is if she doesn’t have a car she might as girls without car are usually bored as hell and easy to hook up with.

But if you get several signals it’s scam don’t waste your time.

I hope this helps you avoid any scams and keep you from getting ripped off.

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